I’ve moved!!

Hi everyone!

I do apologise (once again) for my sudden disappearance from my little space in the clouds; but there is a very good reason for my absence. For the past two weeks I’ve been working on something that I am incredibly excited about sharing with everyone who has been a regular visitor on my blog.

Yes, you guessed it! After months of overthinking and excuses, I finally took the leap and moved my blog to its very own domain.

I have done a lot of thinking and planning for the space I have created, and decided to be more focused on what I put up there. So after moving house, changing addresses and having fun choosing the colours for the newly renovated walls (and after long strings of cuss words directed at PayPal) I would like to present to you my brand new blog.


Unfortunately this decision has brought about its own set of changes, one of them being the name of the blog. I was really sad about this fact since The Little Blog of STUFF has been my outlet for the past few months and it was real hard to say goodbye. But I am excited about the new path I am journeying on and I am so happy about the new possibilities to be found down this road.

Like I said, I have decided to be more focused and dedicated to this blog that I have been neglecting lately. I have big plans for the future and I do hope you will make the change so that we can continue to share this journey.

This new space will be dedicated to my life long passion of reading and seeking answers to the ever growing list of questions I have about my place and purpose in this beautiful world. You can also expect to find the odd post of fun activities that the husband and I have managed to tick off our bucket list.

I do hope that you will give me a visit soon at Read & Seek.

– Nihaad

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