5 things I’ve learned studying engineering

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I studied Civil Engineering. My husband will be graduating this week (also in Civil Engineering) and I am so incredibly proud of his achievement because I know just how hard he worked to get to this point. So in honour of his achievement, these are 5 things I/ we have learnt from studying Engineering:

1) How to keep cool under pressure

During first year I felt as if I was drowning in the work load that hit me from every direction and it was a challenge to adjust to university fresh out of high school. I thought if I got through first year then the rest would be much simpler. Boy, was I wrong! As the years rolled by it became increasingly harder, and looking back now it all seems like a blur. Studying engineering taught me how to keep calm under pressure. Sitting through the exam with your brain almost fried because you are struggling to find a way to balance your equation, blatantly aware of the seconds ticking away, you learn to keep calm. You realise very quickly that if you freak out and start panicking, you will mess everything up.

2) The purpose of mathematics

You know in school, when you are sitting in a math class and you ask the teacher, “Where are we EVER going to use this??”. I found my answer studying Engineering. Mathematics is a language used to understand the science that explains the world around us. It gave me an understanding of how elements of the Earth react in a certain way and how it can be used to our advantage, or how it needs to be changed in order to improve the specific design. I also developed an appreciation for a calculator! When I learned the function to solve integrals and matrices, I was so happy and excited; you would have thought someone invented time travel! (Yes, I’m a nerd; and I’m proud of it!)

3) ask questions

Engineering is a field that requires one to solve problems, scientifically. But in order for you to answer any question, you need to have an idea of what the question actually is. I learnt the importance of asking questions (perhaps unnervingly so) if something does not make sense. I learnt not to accept things at face value, but to keep searching for facts that can put things into perspective for me.

4) Time management

During preparation for exams it wasn’t only about knowing and understanding the work, it was also about working efficiently with the time given to complete the test. You see, it didn’t really matter how much you knew if you couldn’t apply that knowledge in the set time. I learnt how to work smart so that I could produce my best work and meet the deadline. And now, in the professional world, I am able to manage my time effectively and get the work done that I have set for myself to complete by the end of the day.

5) Don’t give up

It is ok to fail and it is ok to make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world if this happens. During my studies I met people from all walks of life. These people persevered and pushed through no matter what, because they simply wanted to qualify themselves and better their lives. I learnt the importance of working smart, being dedicated and to never give up on the goals you have set for yourself. I learnt that sometimes getting a second chance at something is better for you because you are able to correct your mistakes and see things more clearly.

What have you learned during your studies that helps you today?

– Nihaad

15 thoughts on “5 things I’ve learned studying engineering

  1. safa maryam syed says:

    Engineering? You go girl! I don’t think I know too many Engineers, that too that are women, so I applaud you (!), because normally in Canada, it’s a male dominant career. I must ask, do you actually enjoy math? How do you stay motivated to study it? I can’t for the life of me even look at a math question for 5 seconds, my mind immediately starts to have anxiety LOL! I struggled with math in school since the beginning of time, and it didn’t help much in College. I had to re-take my math, accounting and finance classes over gain and I was often so frustrated and in tears. Ah well, those days are over now.

    I think Time Management and being Organized is so important. It really helps when you have dates written down and a schedule to work on certain projects because there’s nothing worse then realizing you have a 9 page essay due the next day! Let’s just say, been there and done that! LOL

    Great post Nihaad!

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  2. Nihaad says:

    Aaah Saf! It makes me so happy to see your name over here 🙂 Haha thank you for the applause, lots of people look at me in shock when I tell them my profession because I am a woman. It is the same all over the world, and engineering is still definitely a male dominated field, but women are making great progress in their profession because they are so committed and hardworking. Especially straight out of university, you will find a lot of the guys still live for the next party where the girls would be more focused on their studies and careers; a lot of companies are picking up on that too.

    I enjoyed math (haha) I liked knowing that there is a set of rules that if followed correctly, would lead you to the correct answer. I also love science (my mother is a lecturer in science education so I think it rubbed off onto me) and that is why I went into engineering instead of something like architecture or interior design. I am starting to realize that I want more though, and that is why I started this blog. I needed a platform to express myself and (I know this is cliche) “find myself” since I never really got that chance because I was so focused on completing my studies. So I applaud YOU for knowing what it is you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. Lot’s of people struggle to find an answer to those questions on a daily basis.

    LOL I used to be so bad with time management and would procrastinate until the last minute. I would always regret it afterward because I realized that I could do so much better if I used the time I was given…

    I am happy you could relate to my experience 🙂 and so glad you enjoyed it!

    Thank you for visiting, I hope to see more of you 🙂


  3. khansana1000 says:

    A very nice post Nihaad! took to my Engineering days ,though it is long back.. I loved Mathematics and Chemistry,, mathematics is something that you donot need to cram and you cannot learn in one day, I had to practice it everyday so I had dedicated time schedule for studying mathematics everyday ,, I could overlook other subjects until it is exam time but not maths.. I learnt a lot in those 4 years, we had like 12 subjects every year, even 24 hours seemed less to finish the study loads, but it really helps your brain to rationalise, make it more analytical ..you realize it once you finish your university nd start working!!

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    • Nihaad says:

      Thank you, I am glad you liked it. Did u study Engineering too? I loved Chemistry too, actually Science in general fascinates me. I enjoy learning about the world we live in, makes me appreciate it that much more. I agree with you about Maths. If you don’t practice then it fades. It was also interesting to see the role it plays in uncovering the dynamics of the world, something I only came to realise in Uni. So happy to find people who thinks the same way 🙂


  4. Poppie Tee says:

    You are one brave girl! I mean it, not everyone can do math (i.e. me). I’m only in my first year of university so far what I’ve learnt is to have break downs on a regular basis, how important coffee is to you and how expensive text books are. But, all jokes aside, I applaud you, Nihaad.

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    • Nihaad says:

      LOL!!! I cannot recall ever having a break down on uni, in hind sight, it might have helped!!! Thank you for this uplifting comment! And may your years on university inspire you to be your best self! It goes by so fast, before you know it you are graduating – so make the most of it 🙂 Xo

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