The Liebster Award


I know I recently posted the The Versatile Blogger Award for which I was nominated; but I was tagged by the weirdly, wonderful, Poppie Tee for the Liebster award some time ago too, and I am here to finally accept the challenge she has bestowed upon me!

If you have not visited her blog then please do; she shares her unique take on life as a university student, and puts a special twist on thoughts most of us have on a daily bases. These are the questions she has thrown my way:

1. What is your least favourite food?
2.How did you come up with your blog name?
I just wanted to start a blog! And in order for me to create one on WordPress, I needed a unique name. I wasn’t sure what my blog will be about because I didn’t have a niche that I planned on sticking to, so I wanted a name that would allow me to dwindle on any topic I chose.
3. What is your pet-peeve?
I have so many pet-peeves!! I can’t stand it when people mix up my study notes. I get annoyed when people highlight or write in textbooks. I loathe filler words such as basically or literally. I detest disorganization!!!
4. If, you were to be given a ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to… Anywhere in the world!! (hehe)
5. What is your favourite topic of conversation?
I love talking about books!!!
6. Which actor/actress would you most likely run away with?
James Spade!!! I am a huge fan of Raymond Reddington.
7. Which TV series/ book sequel do you most enjoy?
My favourite TV series is The Blacklist (obvz). My favourite book series is turning out to be Harry Potter!
8. Name one thing that you think needs to change in this world.
Every child should receive a decent education – I believe education will fix so much that is wrong in the world.
9. What do you do to unwind?
Relax with my husband, or read…
10. Do you prefer Apple or Android?
11. Do you like sneakers or formal shoes?
I think this picture answers the question:

I hereby nominated the following fellow bloggers to complete the same questions:
Lolsy’s Library
From a Day Dreamer’s Diary
Lumos and Lemons
Zoelicious Insider
Surviving the Madness
Curious Robyn

(*If you’ve been nominated before or if you do not wish to complete the challenge then it is completely fine; I just wanted to share the fact that I love your blog!*)

– Nihaad

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