The Versatile Blogger Award


Hi All!! Sorry that I’ve been MIA lately, but I’ve been super stressed at work and had zero inspiration (or energy) to write anything these last few weeks…

I have been nominated by the lovely lady, Kendel, from All that’s Glamorous, for the Versatile Blogger Award – thank you for the nomination Kendel!

The Versatile Blogger Award is not an award like you may think, where you get to attend a banquet with fellow bloggers, walk on stage and collect a trophy and maybe shed a few tears during your ‘thank you’ speech. No. This award was created to honour those bloggers who bring something special into your life, by spreading the word about their little space in the clouds, in hopes that it may touch the life of someone else too. And after learning this, I would once again like to thank Kendel for the nomination.


Firstly, you have to thank the person who nominated you – thanks again, Kendel!

Write 7 facts about yourself.

Nominate 7 other bloggers.


1. I am Muslim.

2. I married my best friend of more than 10 years, just 3 months shy of my 22nd birthday.

3. I would watch action or sci-fi movies over a rom-com ANYDAY!

4. I wonderlust Every.Single.Day. I have a deep yearning to travel the world and see all these places I read so much about.

5. I am a Plain Jane. I am not a fan of frills and florals.

6. I have a whole list of adrenaline-inducing activities that I HAVE to do at least once in my life… Sky diving, bungee jumping and shark cage diving to name a few.

7. My Mum and I can communicate telepathically. We know what the other is going to say before we even said it yet… It often freaks us out!!

I know these 7 facts are quite random, but I can be a bit of a random person so it’s fitting in a way; and hopefully this gives you more insight into the person behind the blog.


And the nominees are…

Soraya – Pink Whispers


Poppie Tee – Poppie Tee

Ali Caitrin – Ali Caitrin

Megz – Barefoot Whispers

Harsha – Things I Love SA

Kristin – Simply Bookish Things

– Nihaad

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