Five favourites in Colour

Welcome to another 5 favourites in colour post!! When I gathered the goodies that I wanted to write about I realised that it was going to end up being more of a beauty post. But I wanted to share them none the less because I’ve been using some of these products for YEARS and really swear by them.

#2 – BLUE


My 5 favourites in BLUE

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

I have developed a bit of an obsession for perfume ever since my Aunt brought me those miniature bottles from Saudi. She used to add it to my birthday gifts as a girl, and I’ve been collecting them over the years. It was so special to me to have those small intricate glass gems that contained these different scents. When I grew up and started strolling through the perfume isles, Light Blue became my all time favourite perfume. I am not one who favours floral, sweet scents; so I really enjoy the ones that are citrusy and reminds me of a cool ocean breeze.

Light Blue

Light Blue


Nivea products always remind me of my Mum. She’s been using their lotions ever since I can remember and when ever I get a wiff of their signature scent, I think of her. So naturally I’ve taken to their products too. I love the Soft Moisturising Cream because it is light, hydrating and smells clean and fresh. Their deodorants are also really good!

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

This soap is THE BEST! It is so gentle and effective. I have sensitive skin, so it can be difficult to find a product that doesn’t cause irritation or dry out my skin. I use this soap on my face and during those times when my skin just won’t behave, it helps to calm down any breakouts or blemishes. I have yet to come by a soap that offers this much moisturising properties while getting the job done too.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Dirty Works Eye Cream

Lately I have had some trouble with puffy circles under my eyes. About two months ago I was walking in Clicks, and I came across this eye cream from Dirty Works. The deciding factor on buying this product – besides the affordable price – was the light reflectors. It sounded like something that might work on my little problem so I grabbed it. I have to say that even though the packaging said everything I wanted to hear, I had my doubts on whether this would actually work for me. But it turned out to be one of my favourite purchases I’ve made this year. My eyes seem brighter and less tired which is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and did I mention the affordable price? (SCORE!!)

Dirty Works Eye Cream

Dirty Works Eye Cream

Nose Strips

I always, always, ALWAYS have a box of these in my bathroom. It is a fast and very effective way to unclog pores, and you can literally see the results – which is totally disgusting and at the same time, quite satisfying. I have tried different brands, but I am currently using these which are also very good.

Cettua Nose Strips

Cettua Nose Strips

– Nihaad

4 thoughts on “Five favourites in Colour

    • Nihaad says:

      So nice to hear I am not the only one! But then again I am not surprised because it is a fantastic product! I too have little pots of it all over the show, its the only moisturizer I will ever use 🙂


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