5 favourites in Colour

This is my attempt at a blog series, and I am hoping that it will be as fun to read as it is to write. During these posts I will choose a colour and find 5 items – be it beauty products, stationary, home ware or just everyday meaningful things – to write about. So now that I’ve stated the obvious, lets jump right in:

#1 – BLACK

My 5 favourites in BLACK

My 5 favourites in BLACK

I’ve mentioned before that I love the colour black. There’s just something about it that soothes my soul and draws me in. To me black screams class and sophistication. Its the colour that I reach for whenever I don’t know what to wear – it comforts me. With that being said, these are my 5 favourites in black:

Eyeliner and Mascara

I love a good eyeliner and mascara. I’m constantly trying new brands to find the best of the bunch which gives me what I am looking for. It has to be long lasting, smudge proof and highly pigmented. Usually I stick with my trusted Rimmel eyeliner and Maybelline mascara because it offers me all of the before mentioned qualities, but I’ve been testing the waters with different products too. I am really enjoying L’oreal’s Manga Mascara and Bourjois Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil.

My growing lil' collection

My growing lil’ collection

Gigabyte Netbook

I don’t have a laptop of my own because I hate debt so I am saving up until I can afford to buy one myself – cash. But since I started blogging, I’ve been using my husband’s netbook which has been working out really well.

Gigabyte Netbook courtesy of The Husband

Gigabyte Netbook courtesy of The Husband

Hard drive

When it comes to movies, series, pictures and music, I am a collector (because that sounds less creepy than “hoarder”). I collect all my favourites and it makes me happy that I get to keep it all organized on one little device. Also, my favourite series at the moment – The Blacklist – is stored on it.

My trusted Western Digital Hard Drive

My trusted Western Digital Hard Drive

Mr. Price Home notebooks

When I planned on starting this blog I was really uninspired when it came to what I was going to write about. I thought that maybe if I got some notebooks to write down my thoughts, it would make the whole process easier. When I made this decision it was close to the end of the month so money was a bit tight. Great stationary can be pricey, but when I ended up in Mr Price Home my eyes immediately fell on these. I adored the design and the price was very friendly on the old purse strings. I keep the ‘my little black book’ in my handbag so that I can quickly jot down something when it pops into my head. I enjoy writing in them because this way I get to organize my highly overactive brain.

Notebooks from Mr. Price Home

Notebooks from Mr. Price Home

Black Pens

I love a good black pen; it makes the whole writing process that much more fun and productive. When I was studying I always needed to have a black pen to write with, and I would get annoyed if it wasn’t a good one. It may seem silly but for me something as simple as having a great pen can really increase my will to get my work done. So now, as a working gal (I cringed using that word but whatever!) I take my stationary bag filled to capacity, and on those days when I just can’t seem to get things done, I will pull one out and I will be thankful that at least my pen is awesome!

Black Pens

Black Pens

That’s my 5 favourites in Black and I am already looking forward to the next one. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think.

– Nihaad

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